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xpurple : This is my car after the windows were smashed out.
xpurple : Note that you can add your own comments.
xpurple : All the windows...
xpurple : We left the windscreen so I wouldn't get rocks in my face while being towed.
xpurple : Don't ask about the front, it's a long story.
xpurple : Some guy offered me $20 for the engine so we pulled it.
xpurple : This is my brother William standing by the cherry picker.
xpurple : We used a cutting torch to pop the hood way open.
xpurple : We pulled the engine the fast way.
xpurple : That's an engine mount. We cut them off with a torch.
xpurple : More lifting.
xpurple : Good thing we had this as we set the engine on fire a few times.
xpurple : The torch was good at both cutting and starting fires.
xpurple : There goes an engine mount.
xpurple : Fire!
xpurple : More fire.
xpurple : The metal is dripping away.
xpurple : We had to put this fire out.
xpurple : It was a big fire.
xpurple : Fear the government!
xpurple : More engine lifting.
xpurple : William torched my light!
xpurple : Progress!
xpurple : My brother William's truck!
xpurple : One of my Libertarian stickers and a bunch of broken glass.
xpurple : Mailbox, headlight and engine parts.
xpurple : We had an accident involving bricks and my windscreen.
suicidalratt : The spot in front of the wheel was from a head.
xpurple : That would be me standing by the engine.
xpurple : While pulling out the engine somehow we pulled the radiator and fan off it's mounts.
xpurple : Note the burn hole in the firewall.
xpurple : That picture didn't come out too well.
xpurple : More engine stuff.
xpurple : William in the front loader.
xpurple : Doesn't he look like the coolest brother?
auriel : that needs to be in a children's picture book entitled "my big brother"
xpurple : Front loader vs k-car!
xpurple : That has to hurt.
xpurple : Check out that hood!
xpurple : We crushed the hood in again for good measure.
xpurple : We moved on to the back.
xpurple : It's now a lowrider!
xpurple : I couldn't get the doors open after we did this part.
xpurple : I've wanted a compact car for a long time.
xpurple : It's a good thing we didn't pull the bumper off.
xpurple : Don't try this at home.
xpurple : We pulled the back wheels off for use in another project.
xpurple : Both the car and the machine of death!
auriel : the lighting in this picture makes it look kind of eerie and post-apocolyptic.
xpurple : Cars make a funny noise when you do this.
xpurple : We forgot about the fire extinguisher. It exploded.
xpurple : Almost flat.
xpurple : Lifting it up again.
xpurple : We tried to flip it over.
xpurple : We decided to just run the car over.
xpurple : My car happens to be longer than the track.
xpurple : It left track marks.
xpurple : Again.
xpurple : That end is rather broken now.
xpurple : UNF!
xpurple : Fun times.
xpurple : It's now flat.
xpurple : It doesn't look much like a car anymore.
xpurple : The front loader again.
xpurple : Oops, we left the windscreen in.
xpurple : We folded it in half to make it easy to handle.
xpurple : These pictures seem to be out of order.
xpurple : Car folding.
xpurple : This is how you fold a car.
xpurple : Doesn't it just make you feel really safe in your own car?
xpurple : All cars with a unibody fold this easy.
xpurple : Almost got it.
xpurple : Folded over flat!
xpurple : We fought for a while to get the car up in the air.
xpurple : Tamped it down a bit more.
xpurple : All that did was unfold it.
xpurple : Now it really doesn't look like it was a car.
xpurple : We balled it up a bit.
xpurple : Then we tried to load it into the bucket.
xpurple : It just fell out.
xpurple : The car-ball rolled a bit.
xpurple : We went to get some chains so we could lift it that way.
xpurple : That worked!
xpurple : Till it fell anyway. We had to re-tie the chains.
xpurple : Going, going, slowly.
xpurple : See the dumpster?
xpurple : It's too big.
xpurple : Just tamp it down a bit with the bucket.
xpurple : Keep tamping!
xpurple : Ehh, good enough. I bet the owners of that dumpster will be shocked to find a car in there.