Account manager Will!

The monitor G3 gave me :)

No porn here

I love his shirt, so soft!

More account manager!

Sellhorn's new laptop


No more using this durty sun!

Can you tell he's in love?

You have no idea how much I love that shirt.

Must remember to not turn camera

Don't move so fast!


Man is he tall!

Why do people keep hiding?

My box is the one with stuff falling out


G3 making fun of another OS/2 user

Wireless hub!

Pr0n time!

A picture of sellhorn takeing a picture of me

Memory check...

Fight the good fight!

I am so in love!

Yes, we are gambeling

I want a japanese schoolgirl now!


Notice the IBM cup?

"Take off your pants!"

I just can't aim :(

If only we where playing spades...


My winnings!


And he folds

More winnings!

I almost have a dollar!

Megan rocks :)

I'm doing well!

Polker face!

At least he's wearing pants


"What the heck?"

tate has no poker face :(

Not that it stops him from getting all the money

I showed them goatse :)

Shake me!

Much better





Bask in the glory of DOS!

l33t h4x0r t001z!

l33t h4x0r spooted!

m3g4 w00t!

More power than we used to nuke hiroshima!

G3 hanging out with the guys

Don't you want one?