This morning I woke up, and went to work. About half way there I realized that I forgot something. No time to turn back though. So I decided to just pertend that it was not missing.

Arived at work, and walked in. Recived several funny looks. Nothing big though, since I was ignoring what was missing nobody else seemed willing to bring it up.

No to far into my shift my boss came up behind me. I happend to be on the phone at the time. Calmly I asked them to hold, and turned around. Mike asked as if in a wisper "Did you forgit something today?"

"No!", I replied.

Another wisper, "Your not wearing any pants!"

"Oh! That!" I yelled. Then proceded to jump up on my desk, and should "Fear me, for I am the king of no pants!"

I was unable to place the look on Mike's face. So I did the only natual thing I could think of.

Standing there on the table with no pants on, I lifted my left arm, and set it down on my boss's head. Then shouted "I make you the prince of no pants! Now present yourself in a decent way!"

Somehow I don't think he saw the humor in the situation.

Too bad this didn't happen. But it would have been fun ^_-