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xpurple : Azuza!
G3 : Farscape p0wns
xpurple : Rocking!
G3 : Me playing D2 :P
destx : *hurk*
xpurple : YEAH!
xpurple : My dear god!
Jess : I can do that. Much better in fact.
G3 : I want proof. :)
xpurple : Earplugs!
Megs : yeah I ps'd em out of the picture of greg holding htem, incase we wanted tshirt with them on!
G3 : Hahahahahaha!
alice : John in Kuwait. He came back later and went all the way to Bahgdad.
G3 : Trigun!
diana : hey
John : I didn't have a more appropriate image :/
xpurple : Looks good to me :)
G3 : Jeff on LC!
xpurple : Jeffie!
G3 : Jorge and Oliva
xpurple : Winders!
G3 : Winders software RAID to be exact
Test : foo
xpurple : Ahh, Huxley now shows up. Good, good.
xpurple : Mozilla barfing on CSS.